Greetings and salutations! My name, if you haven't been able to tell yet is Ryan Brandoff. I am 26 years old and I have been performing in one fashion or another since the age of twelve. I started playing the bass guitar in junior high to fill the void in a friend's band. What started off more as a joke, blossomed into a life's obsession. I feel most at home on stage. Regardless if it is a smokey, falling apart riser platform at the local watering hole or the acoustically treated stage at my church, this is one area that I am most comfortable in. My favorite genres of music to play and listen to are: funk, reggae, jazz, and "jam band" type music. I have a solid professional backline, road ready, and available at a moments notice. You can see me in action here

         I started fire performances in the summer of 2009, after seeing a woman perform for free for concert-goers at Charter One in Chicago, IL. After discovering the real name of the act...(poi). I researched deeper into the art and culture surrounding it. I quickly learned that there is an entire community and universal effort in learning this art form. With tutorials and "how-to" videos on-line, for hours I would watch and learn all the techniques and skill involved. Since then, I have dove right into the world of fire performers through-out all of Chicagoland and has become a common, friendly-face among the scene. Click on this to see more
      My most desirable facet to my talents is my photography. I'm currently employed as a wedding photographer by Essense Photo & Video (Top rated on "The Knot). I enjoy taking picture of a wide range of events, portraits, concerts, nature, architecture, and many other areas of interest. I'm constantly learning new ways of taking photos and how to properly function as a professional photographer. I am fully capable in using all the Canon series camera bodies and lens available today. I am also, productive in the area of post production. I know all the techniques of photo-retouching, creative filters, and all-around adjusting. You can see a selection of my portfolio here

        Most recently, I am married to my wife Lauren and look forward to starting our lives together. Our wedding was on October 26, 2012.
I enjoy music, tattoos, pet, crafts, friends, art, bonfire, and I love my family, my wife and most importantly Jesus Christ. For I have been blessed with many wonderful talents, and my desire is to use all of my given talents for His glory. Thank you so much for taking the time peek into my life, I look forward to learning about yours.

- Ryan Brandoff

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          - Both pictures were taken in 2011